As use Rollergo

Main thing is to know its inner workings. Rollergo responds to balancing the weight of our body, so our first objective will be to maintain the balance. Place a foot on one of the support areas Rollergo, it is attempted as close to the side of the wheel, thereby increasing the angle formed our legs and therefore stability. Now we try to place the other foot on the Rollergo, trying to maintain a vertical line with our body and avoiding balancearnos forward or backward.
Once we have managed to balance on our Rollergo, operation is simple and intuitive, speeding up when we sway forward and holding back when we lay back. Sways must be smooth, accelerando and decelerating gradually.
In order to rotate, we simply make more pressure on the sensor, with the opposite foot to the desired direction, ie, if we turn left, will press forward with the right foot. Furthermore, Rollergo is capable of 360 degree turns on its own axis. To achieve this, we will press forward with one foot and the other was behind both performing in the same force.
Now we only have the last step, lose our Rollergo. To do this we will reduce speed to a minimum and imitate the movement we make to lose a step backwards. It is very important to change the weight of our body to the foot support on the ground, so do not advance the Rollergo with the other foot.

Security Lock

  • Do not worry if the Rollergo "red light" crashes.
  • Address this security lock you must recalibrate Rollergo.
  • Process can take up to 30 min.

Safety Recommendations

  • Carefully read the manual, it bases Rollergo operation are explained.
  • The power indicator should be green before you get to your Rollergo. Do not try to get on or off being in red.
  • Do not open or manipulate the Rollergo internal components, you could cause irreparable damage to your device and void the warranty.
  • Watch your Rollergo, an irresponsible use of it can affect the proper functioning of the device and cause physical damage.
  • Use common sense to avoid dangerous situations with your Rollergo.
  • Do not use Rollergo while talking on the phone or write messages.
  • Do not use the Rollergo under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Do not use your Rollergo on muddy roads with puddles, sand, stones or rough terrain.
  • Avoid using the Rollergo in bad weather: rain, hail, ice or excessive heat.
  • No circules near motor vehicles or road.
  • Pay attention when riding with Rollergo, respecting the people around you and your belongings.
  • Indoors keep in mind the possible obstacles to your Rollergo such as doors, furniture or corners.
  • No circules near swimming pools or flooded areas.
  • Be cautious at all times, if you're not sure how to pass a low hurdle and get over your Rollergo walk.
  • Respects recommended maximum weight limits.
  • When raising the Rollergo increase your height about 11 centimeters, be careful when going through doors.
  • It not recommended the use of Rollergo if you suffer dizziness problems.
  • Do not transport any heavy while using the Rollergo.
  • Children can use the Rollergo always with adult supervision.
  • Find out about the laws and bylaws regarding the movement with electric vehicles.